About Exxecta

Exxecta - unites Female Executives across all industries and HR decision makers & members of executive search agencies in order to fill vacant management positions and board positions - efficient and discrete

Female Managers have specific demands in the recruiting process, which with Exxecta we are meeting for the first time. Anonymousity, transparency and security on the side of the female candidate goes along with the professional demands of recruiting and Executive Search like target oriented determination of candidates, quality, authenticity & actuality of profiles.


Our Focus: Exclusivity and Quality

Our Pool of potential candidates consists of Female Executives, who are solely invited personally and whose career path are carefully evaluated.

Our Benchmark: a minimum of 5 years professional experience in a management role with adequate responsibilities and a corresponding annual salary.

Our highest Priority: Discretion

The privacy of our candidates is dear to our hearts. This is why all information, that could indicate the identity of a Executive, remains anonymous. The candidate decides herself for every individual case to whom she discloses her complete profile information. Only requests for contact related to a specific Search Project and in combination with a detailed job description take place on Exxecta, there will be no other contact approach towards our Executives.


 Key Benefits for Female Executives

  • Secured anonymity in the Search Process
  • Individual and case by case disclosure of identity
  • Willingness to change not recognizable
  • No costs or Fees
  • International Employers and Executive Searchers
  • No being contacted to liaise or for sales purpose by other users of the platform or third parties

Perfect Match - efficient and target oriented

With our unique matching technology, we identify the matching potential candidate, whereby we don’t only present the candidate with the best machting quota, but also in general a series of alternative results, thinking outside the box – always depending on the details of your Search. The anonymous but meaningful Short Profiles allow you to decide with which candidate you would like to pursue the further Search Process. At any stage there our Support Team is at your disposal, who is happy to start own Searches in Executive Pool upon request in order to identify more profiles – at no additional costs of course.

 Key Benefits for Employer and Headhunter

  • Access to evaluated Female Executives
  • No invented Profiles or CVs
  • Transparency of actuality of CVs
  • Short Research time by intelligent profile matching
  • Access to Executives, that are not actively on search
  • Transaction based fee model, no retainer
  • Individual Search Support at no additional cost
  • Protection by process integrated NDA

The Executive Pool – Female candidates across all industries and functions for your vacancy

Our Pool currently includes several thousands Female Executives, that are available for vacant management roles as well for board positions. 40% of Executives are already in board roles or on C- or MD levels. The candidates build a broad range across all industries and functions do not show a cluster in specific “female departments”.


Detailed information concerning the process of a registration and a Search can be found at Exxecta in 5 Steps.

Please feel free to register directly, if you are in charge of HR or are a member of an Executive Search Company. Female Managers without personal invitation, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .