Exxecta in 5 Steps: 2. Short Profile & Disclosure of Data

To give you a quick overview of the processes and services of Exxecta we have summarized the most important topics in five steps. In addition, under the heading 'Help' you may find answers to the frequently asked questions. Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us directly.

 1. Registration » 2. Disclosure of Data » 3. My Requests » 4. Status of Profile & Currentness » 5. Invitations

If the profile data of a Female Executive out of the Exxecta career path matches with the criteria of a Search, the matching profiles are displayed in the form of the so called Short Profile.
Based on the information provided to Searchers in the Short Profile, the identity of a Profile Owner cannot be recognized – your anonymity is protected.

If your Short Profile arouses the interest of a Searcher, he can send you a request to disclose your Long Profile to him. This request contains the name of the Searcher and the company, the title of the vacant position, job location and a detailed job description.

As soon as a request of disclosure of your long profile was sent, we will inform you about this via e-mail. You will also see this request under the heading 'My News' immediately after logging in to Exxecta.

Before you can access the information related to the vacant position we kindly ask you to accept a virtual NDA. This is how we guarantee that the data a Searcher is providing will be treated with highest confidentiality.

It is at your sole discretion whether you approve the request of disclosure of your Long Profile and therewith disclosing your identity or if you refuse this request. We are not asking for reasons in the event of refusal. The Searcher will be instantly informed about your decision.

Should your answer to the request be positive the Searcher is then free to contact you personally, the further progress on this Search is managed by you and the Searcher, Exxecta is not involved in the further recruiting process.