Exxecta in 5 Steps: 4. Status of Profile & Currentness

To give you a quick overview of the processes and services of Exxecta we have summarized the most important topics in five steps. In addition, under the heading 'Help' you may find answers to the frequently asked questions. Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us directly.

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The decision if your Profile should be considered in the result lists of potential Search Projects or not is up to you. In general your profile will be set 'active' as soon as you are accepted into the Exxecta Executive Pool, which means a Searcher could request your Long Profile. As soon as you have approved a request for your Long Profile, your profile will be marked 'in discussion' in potential further search results. This offers the Searcher a certain transparency so he can decide if he wants to request your Long Profile regardless – information about the exact current status of potential negotiations and conversations Exxecta cannot and will not give.

We ask you in regular intervals (every four months) to confirm that the currently stored data in your profile are still up to date – should you have had a professional change meanwhile, we kindly ask you to update them promptly.

If you wish to be excluded from potential new professional challenges for a certain period, you have the possibility to switch your profile status to 'passive'. Your profile will then not be listed in any result list and you will not receive any requests for your Long Profile any more.

If in the course of your discussions with an Employer (meaning the Search Project Owner is an HR decision maker) it comes to an employment contract, your status will be set to 'placed' and you will not be respected in any Search Project for 24 months. Should – contrary to expectations – this contract be ended before expiration of this time limit, we are happy to switch your profile status back to 'active', please ask us to do so per e-mail.