Exxecta in 5 Steps: 5. Invitations

To give you a quick overview of the processes and services of Exxecta we have summarized the most important topics in five steps. In addition, under the heading 'Help' you may find answers to the frequently asked questions. Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us directly.

 1. Registration » 2. Disclosure of Data » 3. My Requests » 4. Status of Profile & Currentness » 5. Invitations

As a Female Executive from the Exxecta Executive Pool you have the exclusive right to assign invitations to join Exxecta to your network. This is how you can enable potential new Executives access to Exxecta or you can win new Ambassadors for Exxecta.

You are entitled to assign in each case 10 invitations to potential new Executives and 10 invitations to Ambassadors. An overview of the invitations you already sent and their current status you can find under the heading 'My Invitations' in your profile. Invitations that lead to a successful registration at Exxecta or the acceptance of a new Executive will be credited back to your invitation account.
Your referral marketing will be rewarded – Exxecta invites at regular intervals those Executives and Ambassadors with the highest 'referral quote' to participate in exclusive and unforgettable events, to thank you for your efforts in an interesting ambiance.