Frequently Asked Questions


What is Exxecta?

Exxecta is the first Executive Pool on the internet, which brings together female executives - Female Executives - with companies and members of executive search agencies. Exxecta is in favour of having more female managers in top positions.

Will I receive ads and newsletters when I register?

No. We are strictly against all sorts of spam and unrequested communication, because we care about your privacy! We don’t use banners, ad pop-ups, and you will not receive any e-mails from third parties either. We will only contact you via e-mail during the registration process and with regards to search projects you may be involved in. In addition to this, we ask all our Executives at regular intervals to confirm their most current profile data.

In which countries is Exxecta available?

We work internationally, focusing on Europe and offer our platform in German and English.

How much is the registration?

The registration as a Female Executive, Searcher or Ambassador is without commitment and free of charge.

Do I have any responsibilities?

Registered users are obligated to keep their profile data up to date. Female Executives are contacted at regular intervals to confirm their profile data is up to date. Searchers need to confirm their current profile data in the course of a Search Project. Other than this, all users are requested to avoid third parties to access their login details.

Who qualifies as Female Executive?

To guarantee the exclusivity and high quality of the registered profiles on Exxecta only highly qualified experienced Female Executives are accepted to join our Executive Pool. All submitted career paths are run through a detailed process of evaluation whereby Exxecta reserves the right to refuse registrations, if they don’t match our high standards. As a benchmark we use a minimum of five years of experience in a senior management role with a respective leadership responsibility and an adequate annual salary that reflects the seniority of the executive.

Who is an Ambassador?

Ambassador is the term we use for those people who like the philosophy of Exxecta and who would like to invite additional Female Executives or Ambassadors from their own network to join Exxecta. Every Ambassador is entitled to invite a defined number of Female Execuitves and Ambassadors. Whether the Executive will be accepted or not is again subject to the detailed evaluation process. We are of course delighted when we are recommended to Employers or Executive Searchers – this is something our Ambassadors can do in an unlimited number as well.

Who is a Searcher?

Searchers at Exxecta are the people who want to fill a vacant role with one of the Female Executives listed in our Executive Pool. This can be either Executive Searchers or Headhunters, who recruit on behalf of a company or HR decision makers and Employers from a company/organisation directly.

Who is an Employer?

Employer is the term we use for those people, who are recruiting a potential candidate from our Executive Pool without a facilitator.

Who is an Executive Searcher?

Executive Searcher is the term we use for those people, who are recruiting a potential candidate from our Executive Pool on behalf of a company or a board.

How can I join Exxecta?

For Female Executives and Ambassadors Exxecta is accessible by personal invitation only. All registrations need to pass a detailed evaluation process; an invitation is not automatically equated to being accepted to join the Executive Pool of Exxecta. A registration as a Searcher does not require an invitation and can be made directly on the website, however, Exxecta reserves the right to verify the legitimacy of the Searcher.

Who can extend an invitation?

All accepted Executives as well as Ambassadors are entitled to extend a defined amount of invitations to potential Female Executives and new Ambassadors. With the Executive being accepted at Exxecta or the Ambassador registering respectively this invitation will be credited back to the person who sent the invitation – it can be reused. Exxecta reserves the right to invite new Female Executives and Ambassadors as well.

How can I get invited to join Exxecta as a Excutive or an Ambassador?

Use your network to find out who has already been accepted as a Excutive at Exxecta or who has the role of an Ambassador. These people have the right to extend invitations. Should you not be successful please feel free to contact us via e-mail if you would like us to contact you should we change this policy in the future.

How can I contact Exxecta?

For any questions or feedback please send your e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We endeavour to answer all e-mails within 24 hours.

Female Exxcutive

How can I register as a Female Executive?

As a Female Executive Exxecta is accessible by invitation only. After a basic registration we ask you to create your detailed profile. This Long Profile is the basis for a detailed evaluation process that every newly registered Executive has to pass. An invitation does not automatically equate to being accepted to join the Executive Pool of Exxecta, candidates can be refused by Exxecta if they lack the requested qualifications and experience. As a registered Executive you have the right to extend invitations to potential new Female Executives and Ambassadors as well.

When will my account become active?

Once invited to Exxecta you will receive a link to create and submit your detailed profile. Based on this Long Profile we will evaluate your career path and decide whether you will be accepted to join our exclusive Executive Pool at Exxecta or not. This decision will be communicated to you within 48 hours once you have submitted the Long Profile. During the evaluation process you only have limited access to the Exxecta platform.

Is my data protected at Exxecta?

Exxecta takes your privacy seriously. Forwarding of your data to third parties without your express consent or judicial order will never happen. In accordance with the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) as well as the Telemediengesetzes (TMG) we notify that we protect all information and data that you put at our disposal.

Which data are required in the course of a registration?

For the basic registration we only ask you to submit relevant online contact data and language preferences. Once you accept the registration link we ask you to create your detailed Long Profile. This profile contains your general contact data as well as detailed information on your professional development like education, previous and current positions but also information related to a potential new role in the future. We would like to ask you to create this Long Profile carefully, as it is the basis for our detailed evaluation process and this data could as well been forwarded to Searchers in the course of a Search Project – if you give permission to do so.

Can I change personal data?

Yes, you can do this after login under the heading 'My Profile'. This is however only possible after a successful acceptance to the Executive Pool. During the period of evaluation you only have limited access to Exxecta.

Is there a risk that others (e.g. my boss) may spot that I am listed in the Executive Pool of Exxecta?

No, at no time in the process. Your data remain anonymous and not identifiably until you accept a respective request of disclosure of your Long Profile – and therewith of your identity. This request can only be sent by evaluated Searchers in combination with a respective description of the vacant position to whom your career path seems to be interesting. It is up to you to decide based on the information provided together with the request (e.g. contact data of Searcher, name and description of vacant position, the Company and job location) if you allow this individual person to get access to your Long Profile. In case of a refusal of this request you don’t need to give reasons. To derive your identity purely from the Short Profile provided in Search result lists upfront is not possible at any time.

Can I switch my account to 'passive' (private)?

Yes. Should you not wish to receive contact requests related to Search Projects from Searchers you may put your profile to the status 'passive'; you will then not be listed in any result lists. Your data will not be deleted by changing your status. In your account you can change your profile back to 'active' at any time.

Who can access my profile?

Nobody. A Searcher can only view your Long Profile if you allow him personally to do so. We are requesting your acceptance again at any new request.

Why hasn’t my Long Profile been requested yet?

Exxecta uses a unique matching technology to offer Searchers the best choice with the highest placement chances. Relevant is not the quantity but the quality of profiles. Should your Long Profile not have been requested so far this may be due to the fact that you possibly have a very special qualification and expertise, which has not been relevant in a Search Project so far. As a precaution please double check your contact e-mail address.

What is the Short Profile?

When running a Search Project, the Searcher gets an overview in the form of anonymous Short Profiles which Executives could best match for his vacant role. The information displayed in the Short Profile, e.g. Job Title, leadership responsibility and company size, allow the Searchers a pre-selection and the decision, which Long Profile he would like to request and evaluate further. A Executive cannot be identified in this Short Profile.

Why my registration has been refused?

Exxecta only accepts Female Executives that have a track record of a respective career and expertise. We do so to keep up the exclusivity and quality of our career pool towards potential Searchers at any time. Should you not be able to meet our demands for acceptance at present this may become possible at a later stage in your career.

What does 'your status is placed' mean?

In the event of a successful closing of an employment contract between you and an employer, your status at Exxecta will be changed to 'placed'. This status change will happen regardless whether you have been hired for the original vacancy you were contacted for or for a different role in the company of the Employer or related companies. In this status your profile won’t be visible for the next 24 months in any search result list. You can however of course still assign invitations to potential new candidates or Ambassadors and recommend Exxecta to Searchers. Should the employment contract between you and the company be terminated earlier than the 24 months, we are happy to change your status back to “active” on request. Back “active” you can continue to receive requests for your Long Profile at any time. To execute this preterm change, please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Executive Searchers

How can I register as an Executive Searcher?

Executive Searchers can register directly via the 'Join Us' heading. Exxecta reserves the right to control the legitimation of newly registered Searchers to ensure that only serious Searchers get access to our Executive Pool.

How does a Search work at Exxecta?

Registered Searchers have the possibility to search an adequate candidate by selecting a broad variety of different criteria. In a shortlist all Executives matching this Search Project will be displayed, identified via our unique matching technology. The candidates are listed with their anonymous Short Profile with selected information, e.g. Job Title, leadership responsibility and company size. With the help of these Short Profiles the Searcher can decide, from which Executive he would like to request detailed information in form of the Long Profile, where he can learn more about the detailed professional development, further information and contact data of the potential candidate. The approval of the request for a Long Profile is being asked from the Exxcutive with every request, she is the person deciding whether she discloses her data to the respective Searcher or not.

A Female Executive has refused my request for her Long Profile – why?

Every Female Executive decides individually upon receiving a request for a Long Profile whether she discloses this very special request or not. Reasons for refusing disclosure may be in the specification of the role but as well personal reasons not being available for certain companies/organisations.


How can I register as an Ambassador?

As an Ambassador you need to be personally invited by one of our approved Female Executives or Ambassadors, applications to become an Ambassador are not possible. After a successful registration as an Ambassador you will then have the right to extend a limited amount of invitations to new Ambassadors and potential Female Executives as well. Exxecta can be recommended to Searchers in an unlimited number.

Which obligations do I have as an Ambassador?

None. As an Ambassador you don’t have any obligations with Exxecta, nor will there be any costs for you. We would appreciate it if you support our ideas and philosophy and hope for many invitations and recommendations from your side.

Technical Information

Why has my session been terminated automatically?

The Exxecta Website contains a so called Time Out functionality, to obviate potential security risks. Should there be no activity from a logged in user for 15 minutes he will be logged out automatically and the session will be closed. This Time Out functionality makes sure that no unauthorized person will log on to view your data or change your settings while you are away. Please beware that all information that has not been saved will be lost in the event of the 'Time Out' functionality.

What are the system requirements?

In order to display Exxecta correctly, you should use one of the following browsers:
• Microsoft Internet Explorer: Version 7.0 and higher
• Mozilla Firefox: Version 3.6 and higher
• Safari: Version 5 and higher
• Chrome: Version 11 and higher
Other standard browsers should work too, but they have not been verified by us.

Is Exxecta using Cookies?

Yes. To use the Exxecta website the best way possible your browse must be set to accept Cookies. All information on how to administrate Cookies you will find in the online help of your browser.

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